BBQ Rules

Downtown BBQ Showdown



  1. The Downtown BBQ Showdown is a KCBS Backyard Barbecue Cook-off.  If any member of the team has     entered in and competed in a sanctioned “Master Series” BBQ competition in the past, they are ineligible to participate in the Backyard/Amateur  This includes the Chief Cook and/or Assistant Cooks. The only exclusion to this rule would be those judges cooking with a team to qualify for master judge status.  The purpose is to ensure a level playing field in the cooking competition. The Cook Team cannot  have been compensated as a Pro BBQ Restaurant or Caterer.
  2. Awards will be announced on the city hall front lawn at 5:00 PM or as soon as possible.
  3. Setup time is between 2:00pm and 5:00pm on Friday. Meat inspections will be as soon as you arrive.
  4. Meat shall not be marinated, ribs shall not be applied, and injections will not be allowed before inspected.      Pre-trimming is allowed.
  5. A mandatory cooks meeting will be held at the city hall at 7:00pm to go over the rules and to answer any questions about the cook-off. During the set-up times, vehicles may enter  the BBQ area for unloading.
  6. Contest entrees must be submitted in a 9”x9” numbered styrofoam tray provided at the cooks meeting.  Each tray will contain at least 6 identifiable pieces of meat (garnish optional). If used, garnish must meet  KCBS requirements. No decorations or markings are permitted.
  7. Contest entries will be turned in at city hall. The turn-in times are as follows: Chicken- 1:00pm. Pork Ribs-      1:30pm. Entries must be turned in no later than 5 minutes after each    turn in time to be judged in each            Entries are judged on appearance, taste, and   tenderness. People’s Choice turn-in is at 12:00pm    at the people’s choice tent.
  8. Participants are allowed to use any type of sauce. Cooking methods allowed are charcoal, wood, wood chips, or wood pellets.
  9. Beverages will be sold on the city hall grounds.
  10. Entrants will be responsible for cleaning up your space. Do not dump grease, liquid, or hot coals in trash cans or on the grounds. Receptacles will be provided. There will be metal 55 gals drums for the coals.
  11. No pets are allowed in or near the cooking areas.
  12. Persons 18 years and older are eligible to compete in the competition.
  13. Safety of this event is a top priority. Any unsafe acts or safety issues identified by the event committee may cause removal from the camp grounds and disqualification from the competition.
  14. No commercial vending or solicitation will be allowed on the grounds unless previously approved by the event committee.
  15. Parboiling and/or deep-frying will not be allowed.
  16. Participants are responsible for payment of all applicable taxes on prizes won.
  17. Participants understand that prizes with a value in the amount of $600 or more are subject to the receipt of tax form 1099, and will complete a form W-9 with tax